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texas a&m styled shoot pink and red theme invitation suite

Meet:  Rachel


a true passion for events & people

My Experience:

Weddings, campus events & relations, Navy events, trips & tours, corporate events, conferences, sorority social events, and more. 

I have hosted events for less than 10 people to those with up to 5,000. I have hosted events with $50, $10,000 and $1,200,000 budgets. I have designed, planned, and coordinated events in a pre-Covid world and through a pandemic. I have studied all aspects of events, I have been taught by some of the best professors in this time and I have used that knowledge countless times in what I have created. 

I am published and acknowledged for my works in bridal magazines, newspapers, social media platforms, blogs and other forms of media. I take a lot of pride in all events that host my name and brand, but most importantly I always credit my education allowing me to host events in the capacity that I do. 

Rachel Kimball Wedding Planner
Rachel Kimball Texas A&M

Howdy! My name is Rachel Kimball, I attended Texas A&M University and graduated in August 2020. At A&M I majored in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences where I studied event management, tourism and hospitality. I have a passion for the events industry and love using my creativity to help make my client's dreams come true! 

My passion and love of events may seem childish, but it 100% is what I am supposed to be doing. Events and weddings bring so much joy into my life and truly do make me smile. My brides are some of my greatest friends by the end of the night. For some people they might think that it is the details that make an event, and yes they do play a very large role, but it is not what MAKES the event. An event would not be the same without people. People are what make each other smile, bring joy and create an environment for socialization. I THRIVE off of socialization and being able to interact with others and more than anything weddings are about bringing families tougher. 

Rachel Kimball Beer Burros

While weddings are one of my first passions, my second is military recreation. I am currently working on my Masters in Recreation, Park and Tourism Science where my emphasis is on military recreation and deployments within the Middle East. This passion kind of sprung on me when I had an amazing opportunity during undergraduate to work for the United States Navy in Washington programming events and activities. Not only did I gain valuable experience in planning large scale events but  gained lifelong friends who have turned into some of my brides and grooms. Working with service members is my pleasure, I love being able to bring them together and feel like I am giving back to them for their daily sacrifices. My research for my Master's degree is on understanding the experience of military deployments within the Middle East and researching program and activities that effect both service members and local Middle Eastern communities. I plan to continue working with the United States military in the future as well as continuing to pursue research. 

Rachel Kimball Styled Shoot Designer
Rachel Kimball Styled Shoot Designer
Rachel Kimball and Andre Ujcich Event Coordinators

a designer &

a creative

Beyond the Books Events by RMK
Beyond the Books Events by RMK
Beyond the Books Events by RMK
Beyond the Books Events by RMK

Favorite Reads

of 2022

Small Details:

Hometown: Springtown, Texas

Places I Have Lived: Fort Worth, Weatherford, College Station & Whidbey Island, Washington

Pets: Rascal, Bagheera, Tina the Tortoise, 6 chickens and 2 ducks

Dream Wedding Location: Chateau in France! 

Favorite Book: Bridgerton- this entire book series is killer - I read the entire series in a single week and loved every single word of it

College: Texas A&M University - GIG 'EM

Favorite Colors: maroon & gold!! 

Family Tradition: going the Fort Worth Zoo for Mother's Day

Best Decision I Ever Made: Attending Texas A&M University and majoring in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences - I was very hesitant in deciding on a school and major, but incredibly lucky for all the opportunities that A&M has brought to me

Favorite Flower: peonies & garden roses

Words That Describe Me: wanderlust, driven, zealous, cheerful, dedicated, willful, creative, designer, spontaneous  

Rachel Kimball Small Details
Rachel Kimball Designer and Event Planner
Rachel Kimball Designer and Event Planner
Rachel Kimball Designer and Event Planner
Rachel Kimball Designer and Event Planner

lover of gardens

& flowers

Rachel Kimball Travels in Israel

Summer 2021:

Living in Israel was an experience like no other. I was given the experience of a lifetime to live and study in Israel. I don't even know all the right words to say to express what all I experienced. I traveled throughout the land, met so many wonderful people, heard so many beautiful stories and so many more that tear me apart. I ate food, studied languages, experienced different beliefs and cultures and mostly I just got to breathe in a completely foreign experience. I gained new experiences that have better shaped me into the young women that I am today and allowed me to be a better designer, coordinator and planner.  

Rachel Kimball US Navy
Rachel Kimball Military Recreation US Navy NAS Whidbey Island

U.S. Navy Girl

I lived on Whidbey Island Naval Air base where I worked in Community Recreation with the Single Sailor program, offering trips, events and tours to enlisted personnel.  This has made me a better in all aspects of my life - it allowed me to grow and develop as a human which then lets me serve all my clients better.  This experience also prompted me to extend my research to understanding how leisure and recreation can help with those who suffer from PTSD. 

Rachel Kimball Nval Air Station Whidbey Island
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