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Jewelry Looks - Court Style

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

One of my favorite things to talk about - jewelry!!

So, let's talk jewelry season looks - this might be one of my favorite blogs to write, as I am such a lover of all the jewels and shiny objects. Let's not forget that crowns and your heels can be just as powerful of a statement as the jewels that line your necks, wrists, fingers, and ears.

SPRING COURT - light, airy, with floral accents or staple pieces

STONES: rose, amethyst, emerald

COLORS: pastels versions of pinks, greens, lilacs, whites

I hate to be one of those people, but I'm going to be one of those people - I love a good Spring look. Spring is literally my favorite season, it is when everything is opening up again, it is bright, it is joy, it is total and complete fun. Now, don't get me wrong, I was also one of those people who did not read between the lines when reading ACOTAR for the first time and was absolutely in love with the Spring Court and well Tamlin. I was also one of those people that was in denial about Tamlin still in the second book... I can now confidently say that I do still love Spring, but not Tamlin. As a court itself, I believe that I honestly would fit in best here, it's the closest court that regularly reflects both my clothing and jewelry styles.

SUMMER COURT - light to dark shades of blue mimicking the ocean with gold and pearl accents

STONES: light sapphire, pearls

COLORS: light blues, teals, shades of blues, greens, whites

Summer, free time, beach time, vacation time - all words that I think of when thinking about summer. When I think of summer jewelry, I think of light and fun pieces, of flowers, and pearl, pieces that are bright and fun. I think that summer courts dresses for the ball would be lighter dresses with a lot of flow and that featuring unique pieces of jewelry that don't just sit on the necks and ears, but maybe even on the thighs or in a pair of stunning heels.

AUTUMN COURT - deep vibrant pieces that bear leaves and other make big statements

STONES: ruby, topaz, emerald

COLORS: oranges to rusts, emerald to olive greens, gold accents

You want all the deeper and dark colors, then welcome to the Autumn Court that features everything from oranges and rusts to the emeralds and gold tones. Autumn Courts features all the jewel tones that just scream class and wealth to me. I see pieces that feature large emeralds with speciality metal work, or works of art that are fit for Queens.

WINTER COURT - queen of ice, these looks will feature "ice" diamonds, and bold blues

STONES: cobalt, light sapphire, sapphire, diamonds

COLORS: whites, silvers, "ice", light to dark blues

Some might describe Winter as cold, but I like to think they would be intricate and detailed, with pieces that range from representing the idea of the season, to the vast expansion of shades of blues. I see everything from pieces featuring or resembling snowflakes, to moving water and ice, but also just pieces that are frosted or a stand alone piece.

DAY COURT - big, bold and gold with small colored accents

STONES: white pearl, topaz, emerald, light sapphire

COLORS: gold, emeralds, reds, blues

Day to me kind of combines all the Seasonal Courts, but with more gold, and bolder, less traditional settings and designs of the pieces. I get a lot of Native American, South America, Aztec, Greek, African vibes in the jewelry designed. I see Day with simple dresses that turn the wearer into a work of art by the jewelry that is paired with it. And let's not forget that Day is likely going to wear the most beautiful heels and crowns that resemble the shining day. If Day wear colors, I see them as accent jewels that bring a bit more life into the look.

DAWN COURT - bright, bold and gold

STONES: white pearl, topaz, ruby

COLORS: golds, whites, blacks

Honestly, I think that I channel both the Day and Dawn Court jewelry looks in my everyday life. I love gold jewelry, it's the only metals that I will wear, and I think it just looks nice on my skin, but also very easily makes a statement. Dawn is just golden to me, like the rising sun, its bright, bold and gold. Some might thing that Dawn's jewelry looks might look cold, but I see it as bright and warming.

NIGHT COURT - bold, chic, and attention worthy pieces

STONES: black onyx, cobalt

COLORS: silvers, light to dark blues, blacks

I have an inkling of a feeling that I will be seeing a ton of Night Court inspired jewelry pieces on the necks, wrists and ears of our guests at the Starfall Ball. Second to Spring, Night Court is probably my favorite jewelry look. It is everything from simple pieces that can accent a stunning look, to loud and bold pieces that scream power, and demand the attention that is well deserved.

Let us know what kind of pieces you'll be wearing to the Starfall Ball! No matter what you are wearing we know for a fact that it is sure to gather attention and make a statement.

Andddd if you are a vendor that specializes in custom jewelry then we want to see what you are making and discuss a potential partnership. As a small business ourselves, we want to support other small businesses!

P.s. If you are really into the Day and Dawn Court looks then be on the look out for more information about the Greek themed event that we will be announcing soon!



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