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Interview With Kenni

Excited to introduce the next member of the RMK Special Guest team, Kenni, who will be cosplaying The Weaver at Calan Mai and maybe has another special surprise and twist just for the event.

General Bio About You:  My name is Kenni, I am 26 years old and currently in school! I am extremely excited to be a part of this event!

EEkk the excitement I have for working with Kenni is not even enough to put into words. Enjoy this interview, there is a lot of tea and so much to look forward too when it comes to Kenni's content and creativity.

How did you get into cosplaying? I got into cosplay back in 2018 thanks to my best friend, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some great people because of it.

When did you start your reading journey and with what? My mom started my sister and I off pretty young with reading, but the first series’ that comes to mind when I think about it is, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd and the Unwind series!

Following up, when did you first and last read the ACOTAR series? I first started reading ACOTAR this year, and absolutely fell in love with it, and the last time was in May when I had finished ACOWAR and I had to take a break because it absolutely destroyed me. LOL

Funny enough, I actually saw the video that KT had filmed of Kenni before ever knowing either of them or interacting with them.

What does your character, the Weaver mean to you? What she means to me is that it’s not too late to fight for what you believe in and the people you care about. 

What qualities of the weaver do you think that you relate to best? I too am a collector of things, maybe not as extreme, but yeah.

Honestly, this is literally me too. Unfortuntely, I think we probably colelct different things. I have a tendency to collect shoes, purses, clothes and we cannot forget the most precious of things: books.

The Weaver is someone that we don’t know too much about, I personally feel like there have been a lot of holes in her story, what do you think her past looks like? I feel like she was definitely from another universe, along with her siblings. I also think her and her siblings were close once but once they arrived in Prythian, that all changed.

If you could live in any court, and the answer doesn’t have to be Night Court, where would it be? And why? Ohh, I would definitely live in the Spring Court. Ever since reading the description of it, I immediately fell in love. The spring court just gives me that homely vibe. HOWEVER, so does the Night Court, but in a different sense. The Spring Court gives a sense of warmth and home, whereas the Night Court gives a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

This right here is why Kenni and I will be such great friends. I am also a Spring Court girlie!

True or False: Will the Weaver be on the dance floor under the stars at Calan Mai? Or will she be a wall flower? She will be on the dance floor.

What song would immediately get you into the dance floor? Fast forward by Somi or God’s Menu by Stray Kids

The fact that I have started a playlist filled with just the songs of my cast members, god I gotta make sure they are all comfortable and killing it on the dance floor.

What is a song that you hear that reminds you of the Weaver? It’s a little out there and definitely not for everyone, but Dead But Pretty by IC3PEAK reminds me of her a lot!

What movie or character reminds you of the Weaver? Hmm this is a tough one, but I’m gonna have to go with Mother Gothel from Tangled. (iykyk )

Oh my god. The fact and way that I see this, has me cackling, this is way too good.

What’s something that you wish you could change about the Weaver and why? I wish I could change how much we got to know about her, I definitely want more on her and her siblings backstories!

If you got to name the next book in the ACOTAR series what would it be and why?  This may have nothing to do with my character, but The Court of Tamlin Needs a Redemption Arc and I’m Not Taking Criticism. LOL

THIS. Another reason Kenni and I will A. work well together and B. be friends!

Most controversial ACOTAR opinion? REFER TO ABOVE ANSWER

To repeat, this is NOT a controversial opinion because I 10000000% agree.

What do you think the Weaver would wear to a Masquerade Ball? I feel like she would wear an elegant but simple grey dress, along a with a very specific accessory

Ekk I agree with this. I cannot wait to see what Kenni puts together for the Weavers cosplay at a formal event. And the specific accessory?? What do we think it is??? My money is on the Weaver having Feyre's ring, but you know I bet she will have other accessories and trinkets as well.

How do you think you will bring the Weaver to life at Calan Mai? I think I’ll be able to bring her to life with the skills I’ve honed by cosplaying for a few years now!

You have not attended any of RMK’s past events, what do you think your experience will be like as a cast member? I think this will be an amazing experience not just as a cast member, but being able to help enhance the guest experience and give others their main character moment. 

What do you think guests should know about attending an RMK event? They’re in for a magical time for sure!

10/10 can confirm that there will be so magic at Calan Mai!

What do you think you will bring or contribute to Calan Mai as the Weaver? As the Weaver I think I’ll bring an air of mystery as well as a sort of creepy factor as well! Something a little different than most of the ACOTAR characters

We have obviously seen a lot of Weaver content this week from you with sneak peaks and teasers, what was your experience in making content and where did your inspiration for each day of teasers come from? It definitely came from her cottage! I would absolutely love to explore the inside of her cottage, without her in it of course. 

The scream that I SCRUMPT at the content that Kenni created. It gave The Weavers cottage so much, like really, all the little details added up and created the perfect scene for her.

Anything else about the Weaver or you that you would like to add? I’m very excited to meet everyone and very happy to be a part of this event! Thank you to everyone attending and everyone helping to make this event possible. Can’t wait to see you all at Calan Mai!

Hope everyone enjoyed getting to know Kenni!

Be sure to check back in the week after next for the next character reveal.

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