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Winter is coming: A & B - a happily ever after

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Did you notice what I did for the title? Winter is Coming...hehe like Game of Thrones but really Abby just became the New Mrs. Winter! Be sure to read more below about Abby and Blake Winters!

Abby & Blakes - a beautiful wedding for the sweetest couple! Fun fact: I met Abby and Blake when they modeled for a Styled Shoot that I had in November of 2021, they were a ton of fun and I'm so happy that they asked me to do their wedding! Abby and Blake tied the knot at the stunning Hidden Gardens Venue, one of my favorite venues and where I am their go-to wedding coordinator.

I mean just look at a few of the pictures above from when they modeled for me back in November of 2021 - literally stunning & so in love - it made planning their wedding with them SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.

I mean check out the dress that Abby wore - it was stunning! The flare, the buttons, the detailed lace, classic simplicity.

So much love here! Abby and Blake for each other and all their friends and family for them too. And the bouquet - so freaking beautiful and designed by my favorite florist team Lake Worth Florist.

Loved setting up this photo area for Abby and Blake - but also a cute spot for the guests to take pictures at the wedding! This baby blue love seat is a staple at Hidden Gardens Venue and was the perfect choice for a little pop of color in the pictures.

Detailed shots like this are some of my favorites, it is such an intimate moment of hands being clasped as the bride and groom read their vows to each other. I love that Feao is not just a beyond talented photographer and a great friend, but that she has the heart to capture small moments like this. If you are looking for a photographer still and like the light and airy style of Abby and Blakes photos then I highly recommend reaching out to Feao as she is a dream to work with.

Check out that dip - I love a good flower petal exit & so did all the guests! It was seriously such a fun and beautiful wedding. Wishing Abby & Blake nothing but years of love, laughter, and joy!


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