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PART 1: Zodiac Academy Inspo for the Beyond the Books Ball

First off, if you haven't head or read Zodiac Academy, RUN do not walk, RUN to read it. This is by far my favorite series ever.

Now that I've said that, be prepared for some character spoilers if you haven't read the series, but this post is dedicated to the leading ladies of Zodiac Academy and what we think they would wear to the Beyond the Books Ball!

Tory Vega

Roxanya "Tory" Vega is the daughter of Hail and Merissa Vega, the King and Queen of Solaria. She is the twin sister of Darcy Vega and half-sister of Gabriel Nox. As an infant, Tory and her sister were placed in a mortal family as changelings. They lived in the mortal realm until they were taken to the Zodiac Academy.

"If you can’t handle the idea of me meeting other people, maybe even hooking up with them, then we can just call time on this thing between us. Because I’m not ever going to put my life on hold for a man. Especially one who doesn’t think I’m good enough to make the cut long term.”

My literal QUEEN, this woman would show up in nothing less than a freaking drop dead gorgeous dress, probably red, that is all about excinutating all of her curves. I am Tory is a literal icon, this girl can do no wrong in my eyes, she is a walking bad attitude and stands up for all the little people, she is passionate and fierce and everything I aspire to be.

Darcy Vega

Gwendalina "Darcy" Vega is the daughter of Hail and Merissa Vega, the King and Queen of Solaria. She is the twin sister of Tory Vega and half-sister of Gabriel Nox. As an infant, Darcy and her sister were placed in a mortal family as changelings. They lived in the mortal realm until they were taken to the Zodiac Academy.

"Iron is made stronger in the hottest part of the fire, Seth. You didn't break me, you forged me."

Darcy is the "good" twin, she'd be a bit more modest. And she would of course were blue. Okay, the story would not at all be completed without Darcy and she is a really good character, but I'm a Tory girlie. But being the goodie two-shoes, school girl that Darcy is, she would wear a dress that is blue, we all know that. I see her bringing a sex appeal into it with the slight sweetheart neckline with off the shoulder straps and unlike Tory who would wear a form fitted dress, Darcy would opt for a fitting waist and then a layered skirt that gives it a whimsical and airy feel.

Geraldine Grus

Geraldine Grus is the daughter of Hamish Grus. Her biological mother passed away when she was young. At Zodiac Academy she is the president of the Almighty Sovereign Society (A.S.S.) and the Earthback for the pitball team.

We all know and love her. We also know that Ms. Geraldine would wear a very loud and a alost gaudy dress. Geraldine is seriously one of my top favorite characters, she took a while to grow on the twins, but not me. I automatically read her in a super twang Texan accent and just felt like I was Geraldine (even though I wish I was Tory, or Rosalie or even Elise!).

Elise Castillo

Elise is the daughter of Tanya Callisto and Melinda Altair’s brother Marlowe, who was kidnapped and tortured for almost 20 years before Elise and her harem unknowingly found him and freed him into a hospital. Elise and Marlowe don’t learn of their connection until a later time when Gabriel, Ryder, and her go back to the hospital to question him about King, there his memories show Tanya and Elise comes to the realization Marlowe is her father, it is there where she also meets her aunt Melinda Altair. Elise is a vampire who attended Aurora Academy by changing her brother’s scholarship to her, to solve the murder of her brother and seek vengeance upon his killers.

Elise is it y'all, while she isn't a main character in ZA, she comes into the series around book 5. BUT, Elise has a completed series about her, that take place before Zodiac Academy, and is completed! Spoiler, it is a reverse harem series, and when I stumbled across it I didn't know that, but wow, this series is just as good as ZA. I also love that Elise's story carries over into ZA, as well as a pretty big handful of other characters.

Clara Orion

I don't really have a lot to say about Clara, half of this is meant to be a joke. A barely there kinda black dress, obvisouly channeling the Clara you meet early on.

Rosalie Oscura

Alpha female, with a strong loyalty to her family and doesn’t back down to a fight. She has a wicked sense of humor and openly uses her allure on weaker fae and rises to challenge equal fae. She is skilled in both elemental magic and physical combat.

Rosalie is a seriously badass character. Like Elise, Rosalie is a character who doesn't come into the ZA world until further in the series. She is also a young girl in the Dark Face series, Elise's, and has her own spin off series as well that is called Darkmore Penitentiary which takes places years after ZA. Rosalie is particularly cool, becuase if you read all 3 connectig series you really get to watch her grow up from a pup into an alpha. I picked this dress for Rosalie for a lot of reasons, the first most obvious part of this dress is the color, prison suit orange. The next more noticeable part of the dress is the bow with the cut out waist. Rosalie bears some deep scars that she used to be ashamed of, and the development of her acceptance of them throughout the series had me picking a daring dress. Since Rosalie is an alpha, she's used to nudity, and if she had her way I honestly think she would be okay with walking into the ball completely naked. Yes, I wish I had that kind of confidence. But, Rosalie is a truly strong and independent woman, who wears her scars like they are diamond, showing the world who shies away from them that she cannot and will not be broken.

Sofia Cygnus

Little Ms. Sofia, she is a ligthest and brightest character in this series, always making me giggle. Seeing as she is a pegasus, she gets a rainbow inspire baqll gown with is ligth and airy. I mean, would you look at this dress and not immediatiely be like "omg a pegasus!!" Or, if you are familar with ZA, immediaitley know and recoginze who is wearing this dress.

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